Wild Asia’s Verification Assessment of FGV’s Labour Management

On the 4th of March 2016 Felda Global Ventures (FGV) issued a public statement1 on the findings of a technical assessment Wild Asia had conducted on behalf of FGV. The statement was published on their website, their social media channels and released to the media.

Wild Asia would like to put on record that it does not endorse FGV’s original public statement, which has been made without consultation of Wild Asia.

Wild Asia was engaged to provide a technical assessment of FGV’s current labour management. Wild Asia’s methodology for the verification assessment was designed around desktop reviews, management and worker interviews, as well as a five-day site visit to a single palm oil mill complex (Negri Sembilan).

To respect the existing non-disclosure agreement Wild Asia has made to FGV, Wild Asia will not be able to make any further statements nor will be entertaining any media enquiries on the matter. We recommend that any interested party to contact FGV Corporate Communications (groupcorporatecomms@feldaglobal.com) directly for clarifications on the matter or to request access to the Executive Summary (or full report) of our findings.

For our full statement you can download it here.

1. On 05 April 2016, Wild Asia had sent the following notice to FGV. This effectively gives FGV consent to release our latest report.
With regards to the NDA between FGV and WA signed on 09 September 2016, this is a written notice that Wild Asia has no objections to our Executive Summary or Final Report being shared either publicly or with any interested party (in printed or electronic format).