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A career with Wild Asia gives you the opportunity to work alongside a team of individuals dedicated to promoting social and environmental change. As a team member of Wild Asia, you will have the opportunity to develop technical skills, as well as apply these skills practically in the real world by guiding organizations and local teams. We are a small team but there are a myriad of opportunities to learn new things and make meaningful contributions.
A Career:
Wild Asia is always on the lookout for skilled, dedicated, and independent individuals to come on board to work with us. Wild Asia aims to make positive contributions socially and environmentally and we hope that you can help us achieve this goal. We have work in many fields but mainly our positions are global so the ability to work independently, in remote locations and engage directly with local people is critical. Our work is mainly focused on key industries including the Palm and Tourism sectors. We have limited job openings and our positions are competitive so preference will be given to those with relevant qualifications and a passion for contribution.

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An Internship:
Work with Wild Asia provides the chance to engage with other skilled individuals to work towards the goal of social and environmental change and contribution. We are keen to host management interns who can bring technical solutions or provide new insights into the work we do. We are also keen to develop management placements within organizations or our supporting partners. We are looking for leaders who are able to work independently and perhaps even in remote locations such as Malaysia or Africa.

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