Working with our team is the best hands-on education young people can gain from joining Wild Asia’s Internship Programme.

Working with Wild Asia gives you the opportunity to work alongside a team of individuals dedicated to promoting social and environmental change. We have  various scopes of work from running a professional consulting service which is our core business to a community development programme that work closely with the farmers in the field.

Interns at Wild Asia

We are always on the lookout for skilled, dedicated, and independent individuals to come on board as interns.

Are you:

    • An excellent multi-tasker who can work both independently and with a team
    • Personable and enthusiastic, good attitude, and a generally great communicator
    • Malaysian-based or able to move here for the duration of the internship
    • Most wanted: Literate in web technologies and able to build and develop websites, simple applications, and more

In general, we are keen to host interns who have analytical and field support to our areas of work. Some of our projects vary from community development to technical reports. Field sites are in remote locations and having interns with other skills – be it in language, early childhood education, film or documentary experience or other skills might be useful.

We have limited openings for interns and our positions are competitive so preference will be given to those with relevant qualifications and to longer term internships.

If you think you are a fit for Wild Asia contact us today. Tell us about yourself and let us know what skills you have. This will help us assess the best placement or role for you in Wild Asia. Don’t forget to read the Intern Checklist below before applying.

Internship Application

Firstly, view our latest job and internship opportunities at Wild Asia. As for the application itself, we try to make the application process as straightforward as possible to ensure your internship will run smoothly and without any hitches:

Here are the simple steps:

1. Email with your background information (CV); e.g. personal particulars, academic background and/or work experiences. Let us know your areas of interests and what your expectations of the internships are. As well as this we would like to know the time that you will be interested to intern with us. (3 months at the least.)

2. After reviewing your application, Wild Asia will correspond with only the shortlisted candidates on available placements. We will also determine if there are possible hosts for onsite management placements. We will arrange a skype interview to get to know you better.

3. Starting date will be decided and you will be asked to complete our Internship Terms & Conditions.

4. Congratulations, you are on the way to joining us!

Planning Tips

Here are some basic planning tips you should consider:

      • Wild Asia does not charge an internship fee but we expect all interns to be able to cover their own flights to and from Kuala Lumpur. It is also important to note that the internship positions available are unpaid.
      • Wild Asia does not arrange for internship visas. Malaysia has a flexible visa policy. For most countries, no visa is required for 3 months of stay. To check if you need a visa upon entry, visit Visa for Malaysian Requirements
      • Wild Asia does not provide accommodation in Kuala Lumpur but depending on availability, there are limited spaces at our Home Office. These are simple bunk beds and there are basic kitchen facilities. To stay, you would need to have a strong communal living sense. We will be happy to help guiding you in your search for a good base as we have a number of contacts from past interns

Internship FAQ

What qualifications do I need? We will be looking at people who are highly motivated, able to work in remote rural areas, and are able to problem-solve under challenging environments. The ability to adapt to local situations and cultures is a must. Those with backgrounds in environmental, natural resource or social management will be preferred.

What responsibilities do I have as an intern? Being flexible is the key to work happily in Wild Asia so do come with an open mind! Once you are here we will work out a more detailed work load to suit you. Do be prepared to help as you might be requested to chip in around the office, in our garden or get involved with research, events and other activities.

How long should my internship be? Our internship placements range between 3-12 months in duration. The actual time varies according to the host, or the amount of time the intern requires. Preferred duration is 3 months or more.

Do I have to pay to be an intern with Wild Asia? Absolutely not! But interns must take full responsibility for the overall management of your own expenses. However, if you’re required to be on site, we may provide some allowance which covers;

      • Round-trip local transportation to and from the host
      • Food and lodging
      • Utilities