What We Do

planningWild Asia is a unique group of people that come together to address various environmental and social issues faced in our time. We have the technical capacity to understand such issues and have gained our experience from working directly in the field, conducting global surveys and assessments. We pride ourselves in the ability to apply  our knowledge and skills within specific industries in a practical and straight-forward manner. Our strategy is to build the capacity within companies, resulting in the development of their own, sustainable management system, which can directly tackle various social and environmental issues.

Global Standards for Production

 We take the view that global standards, especially multi-stakeholder standards, are solid foundations for guiding organisations to meet and exceed global expectations. We do not see certification schemes as the end but rather a journey towards improving an organisation’s core management of social and environmental performance.

Enhancing Management Capacity

Wild Asia is continually developing useful and practical resources for those on the front line of land development. The idea is to inform managers and planners about the key biodiversity issues that apply to plantation development and provide practical know-hows in order to mitigate the negative impacts on biodiversity. We use a combination of approaches (participatory workshops, videos, website resources, short papers, etc) to communicate certain issues to all levels of the company, from senior members to those in operations. The ultimate goal is to influence direct action on the ground through such efforts.

Our Track Record

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