Build for Tomorrow


We believe that every human should have access to affordable comfortable housing, clean water, sanitation and a reliable source of healthy food. We therefore focus on developing designs and systems that provide those basic needs in an in sustainable way, taking care of people and the planet equally.

Our sustainable approach focuses on decreasing (or even eliminating) the consumption of non-renewable resources while creating living, working and learning spaces that maximize efficiency, health and comfort.

We support businesses and organizations on their way to improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce resource consumption, minimize environmental impact and consequently increase profitability.

Build for Tomorrow, Earthship Malaysia and other projects are part of Wild Asia’s Sustainable Buildings Initiative. The initiative enables collaboration between designers, innovators and our understanding of nature and biodiversity, to provide a practical solution in building sustainable communities. Our approach targets individuals, project developers and those exploring new ways to provide affordable and low-impact housing for their people.

We provide:

√  Design and build projects using Earthship Biotecture

√  Design consultancies in passive and ecological designs

√  Retrofitting of conventional buildings


Learn more about Build for Tomorrow, Sustainable Building Initiatives, Earthship projects in Asia and the team we have assembled to help you create new models for sustainable living.

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